Sunday, November 11, 2012

Question of the Day: To what degree are you in touch with... and to what degree do you pay attention to the Unseen World?

The original question I came up with was about being in touch with intuition... but as I thought of it... I had to reframe it this way.  For me intuition is something that happens, when we are open to, and pay attention to the unseen world. 

Perhaps its just a niggling sense in your gut... maybe two seemingly unrelated events click together with the draw of big magnets.  Maybe it is seeing a spirit guide in animal form and recognizing that she is there for a reason... and listening to what her still small voice might be saying to you.  

Sometimes these teachings are very subtle, and easily missed - or at least the meaning/message might not be clear.  One recent example. I was driving home, and the biggest buck, I have ever seen was crossing in front of me, and just stopped... with this massive rack of antlers, he looked right at me - and stood there maybe 15 feet from the front of my car... as 4 or 5 does crossed the road.  When they were safe, he gave a snort, tossed his massive head, stomped his foot and then he crossed.  I am not sure what the teaching was in that for me... some would say "it was just a deer, he wasn't looking AT you" - uh... yeah... he was. You've been looked directly in the eye, you know how that feels. I felt the wind, but have yet to know what I am to understand from that.

At other times the teachings, the lessons are so glaring, that you have to work hard-hard-hard to not trip over them - for example:  I was driving home from a shopping trip, and was one intersection away from home (I could literally see my house).  As I neared the stop sign, a Great Blue Heron flew over low... and landed... in the road, between me, and the intersection.  I was like "oh!"  I talked to her, I called her by name... all herons are named Patty regardless of sex or gender. I told Patty that it was good to see her, that she was beautiful and that I appreciated the visit... she rawked at me (listen to the 4th file at that link).  I told Patty that I needed to get on home and began to inch forward, she kind of hopped two footed a few feet farther from my car, and rawked again.  I was like "seriously? What are you doing Patty... why are you in the road?  What do you need???"  I began to inch forward again, and about that time a car came like a bat outta hell through the intersection without even slowing. Can I figure out with mathematical precision, if she had not been there if I would have still been in the intersection?  No, I cannot.  But... I appreciate that she WAS there and that her presence in that time and space, kept me safe. The spirit wind blew, and I paid attention.

People could be inclined to criticize that I anthropomorphize animals - I say - they are my brethren - period (well I might say, back the fuck off first). It says in Ecclesiastes: "They all have the same breath, and man has no advantage over the beasts..."  Turtles can be pensive, Hawks... impatient, otters - playful. I am so connected to the animals, the ones I know... and the ones I meet. A friend recently told me that "somehow... you have this ability to go beyond your own existence..  and experience... the life of a pigeon." This connection can have its down side, because if I encounter an injured animal, or one recently killed on the road... it is painful to me in ways I cannot begin to articulate to folks who don't know me.

Its not just the animal spirits though.  I feel spirit winds when they blow in other places.  Cases in point:

  • A very brief virtual conversation, made me know we had finally found the person we had been searching for!  All interactions to follow... flowed from that moment.
  • Knowing why our friend came to talk to us, as soon as said friend asked to come over. I told Jen what I felt - and when the friend gave us the scoop, the knowing look that passed between Jen and and me, caused the friend to ask what that was about.  Jen says "that's what Lynn said you were coming over to talk about." Friend is like "What? Why? How could you KNOW that?" Jen: "sometimes... she just knows."
  • Getting served a chai - by a stranger - feeling instantly connected - and telling her - on the spot - we needed to know each other. Thank you for the tea - My Sister!
  • Having an irresistible urge to go up to a person I barely knew during a somber service on World AIDS Day, and disturb them when they were engaged in sacred prayer... going up and touching their arm. A short conversation, a jolting eye-to-eye connection and a hug in that moment - has led to a fucking miraculous gift.
  • Knowing... that it was critically important, to keep a young person engaged in Facebook chat... even though he kept trying to go silent - and having no idea... until much later... why that was.  Spirit knew there was no time for details... that a young person sat on the other end of that chat, prepared to end their pain - in the most permanent of ways.
Sometimes when the spirit wind blows, you get blown into unexpected places - at other times - you just say YES and raise a kite!

Igwein Gitchimanido...  for all that blows my way on the Spirit Wind.  

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  1. My Dear Friend, we are no longer strangers and I too shall always remember that fateful day when you came into the shop and ordered a chai. I too felt something was working in the background but had no idea what or even why you were looking at me so strange. What really sealed it for me was our later dinner at the picnic table and you slamming your hand down saying "I knew it, every since that day in the shop - I knew it" LOL I miss you so much my dear sister, just know that you are always with me and I with you, sometimes I have to fly over just to see you!