Monday, December 7, 2009

The Gathering Storm

Contemplatively, she sits…

Tattered sails
hurricane survivors
    to greet the freshening winds
        dormant courage
            Storm-depleted… intensifying
                To meet the new demand       
        essential strength
            focused resolve
                vital to the journey

Weary of the fight, but resolute

    She journeys
        For the boy
            treasure of her existence
                keeper of her essence
    Capable… confident
        Weighing anchor…
she sets sail   
    to confront the gathering storm
    Eyes fixed
        On distant horizons… on the other side of chemo
            Awaiting a glimpse           
Of another glorious sunrise

Monday, November 23, 2009

Inaugural Post

Although I have topic specific blogs... I didn't really have a general blog, for whatever sorts of things wandered through the drafty attic of my brain... so I created Lynncantations to fill that void.  I must send kudos out into the Spirit realm to my dear departed friend Lena... who referred to certain kinds of things I said as  "Lynncantations" it's as good a title as any... doncha think?  I miss you Leen!