Thursday, November 8, 2012

Writing Ritual...

I am commencing a 30 day writing ritual... and using this blog as my format.  I miss blogging.. but right now... writing... is challenging.  I am recently diagnosed with MS... and finding words and stringing them together... is like digging through a giant container of exquisite beads - with the intention of making a necklace.  Cobalt... silver, burgundy, amber... oh look, this bead doesn't have a hole in it, and this is beautiful... but it is not a bead at all, it's a pretty little rock... I remember when I picked that out of Burnett's Creek  -  somewhere in the process I get derailed.  So to try to get myself started I am going to address a question or two a day for a while.  It is my HOPE that I will be here every day for 30 days.  But ya know... its not like the writing police are going to show up and revoke my blogger's license if I miss a day here and there.  But I do go forth into this space - with intention of blogging every day for 30 days.

The questions Du Jour are:  Which of your habits promote wellness?   

  • Staying boldly connected to Spirit... via ritual, worship, & fellowship in a variety of formats - with several overlapping circles of folks.  These things - these beautiful souls, nourish me, lift me up, and somehow... simultaneously free me - and tether me "all at the same time, because it's a place of mystery."
  • Staying connected to my people, even when I wanna crawfish into a hidey hole. Reaching out for a "voice tether" when that is what I need.
  • Lighting candles
  • Talking when I need to talk
  • Tapping into creative things, like making drums, drumming whenEVER possible
  • Sitting with a pot of tea and a book
  • Eating healthy food
  • Putting my feet, into wild places with running water
  • Exploring the wild places - with wild friends

Which contribute to discomfort and disease? 

  • Not getting adequate sleep.  This is such a  HUGE  issue for me, I don't sleep enough.  Falling asleep can be very tricksy... but I gotta own this part... If I don't crawl INTO the hammock until nearly midnight, I am robbing my self of the opportunity for more Zzz's - it's pretty clear I won't be sleeping... if I don't go to bed!
  • Falling into old thought patterns of being disposable / unworthy / bothersome... so when I am having a bad time... sometimes I just crawfish into the hidey hole, sometimes I just go silent... and don't let the people who love and cherish me... in on it.
  • Pushing WAY the fuck too hard, and thus, wearing myself completely out.  It takes longer to recharge from THAT place, than if I was just more reasonable.
  • Some days - maybe too much caffeine - though none of my medical staff have mentioned it .
  • I know there are days, I don't drink enough water.
I'm certain there are more in each category, but that is what comes swims to the surface.

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