Saturday, November 10, 2012

Question Du Jour: What do I need?

As I wander about feeling stressed, unfulfilled, like what I do doesn't matter all that much... I am trying to figure things out.  So I am contemplating what I need.  I need to be engaged in meaningful work, that creates and expands spaces that folks don't have much access to... whoever those folks are.  I want what I do... to matter - not in some "we need you to do this job that no one else wants to do" manner... but matter - for real! Work of substance.  My people tell me that this is true now... that what I do matters... why don't I feel like it does? I feel like a very replaceable cog in a machine whose purpose I no longer believe in. If I fell over tomorrow... another person would be placed in that spot... the line would fire back up and the machine would keep cranking. I need to be directly.engaged! I need to be needed. I need less stress. I need more sleep. Now... more than ever, I need to nourish my body with nutrients, joy, water, meaningful work, and rest. I need peace...

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