Friday, November 23, 2012

Free Associations...

Happy Birthday to me... seriously! Today was good... and I swear I have this weird thing going on with rhyme - and free associations all OVER the place. For example, when I wrote "today was good..." what followed in my head was "today was fun... tomorrow is another one, every day from here to there, funny things are everywhere!" (from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss). 

My Brother called to continue our years-long tradition of singing poorly to each other over the phone on our birthdays. We exchanged some small talk, that's about it. He called yesterday to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving, and gave me some passive-agressive shit about something our Sister told him that I guess he thought I should have self reported about my health. He doesn't like it much that our relationship and communications are strained since his boycott of my wedding. Well ya know what? I don't like it either... but who put the strain on it Sparky?? If the suit isn't fitting so comfortable these days, consult the tailor - or lay off the cannoli (in your case the self-righteousness that is puffing you up - and making things tight) - either way - not my doing - not owning it!

My Son Josh, and Daughter-in-law Ashley brought a birthday fiesta to the house from our favorite Mexican restaurant - (Hooray for food from Yolanda's)... since my "lotsa voices maka me crazy" and Black Friday didn't sound like a good mix.  We had a nice time... and they gave me the Gift of Chai! SCORE one for the Mermaid! A little later my Son James came over with a nice pressie... lovely turtle necklace from a dear friend and local artist. Nice!Nice!Nice!

My lovely wife is busily working on her part of a team project for an upcoming ceremony - its gunna rock out loud! I need to kick my part into gear pretty-soon-quick!

I was touched and uplifted and more, for which there is no words... to be asked to take pictures for a VERY special ritual/celebration for my dearest friend =Chii Megwetch=

There was lots of down time, I lounged around and read, drank copious amounts of tea.  I am reading a book called "Lamb" by Christopher Moore - and there's so MUCH good stuff there... but one phrase really touched me in the wordless center this evening: "... for he is thee, and thou are he, and everything that is ever worth loving ... is everything." Beautiful... right?  It is... and it doth vibrate along the string - don't it Babycakes?!  But also... it really sounded to me like part of "I am the Walrus!" How ridiculous and funny is that? Though I could be troubled by how tricksy my mind is... it makes me giggle! Seems like there are several possible explanations:

- Maybe some mental muscles are flexing...

- I have contracted either Venetian Verbal Virus, or Secondary Vocabularyitis (from the TV series "Bewitched") if that's the case "Dr. Bombay! Dr. Bombay! Emergency - come right away!"

- I really AM the Walrus - coo coo cachoo motherfucker!
But... on a day I have been dreading... to go to bed with a lighter head (OMG it IS Secondary Vocabularyitis!) - ya know... I'll take it!

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  1. Sounds a little like Gollum too ..