Friday, November 9, 2012

Question of the day: What feelings are the most difficult for you to deal with right now?

Well there are many, I am very frustrated with words... fucking words! I l-o-v-e words, love wordplay, and right now they are biting me!  In the movie My Fair Lady...  Eliza sings "words words words I'm so SICK of words.. I get words all day through first from him now from you..." yeah... like THAT! I went to say something about the weather to my lovely wife this morning. I intended to say that I had looked up the weather for the day after today, and I kept saying yesterday.  I said something like "I looked up the weather for yesterday and it's going to be almost 60 degrees yesterday, we should be able to get that outside work done." Going to be... and yesterday.  The word tomorrow... was not on the radar.  what the fuck is THAT??????? 

Frustrations Du Jour

  • too tight of a schedule
  • no time to THINK
  • wordswordswordsi'msosickofwords!
  • brain fog
  • stressed
  • tired-achey
  • unprepared for this training I am conducting in half an hour
Celebrations Du Jour

  • I've done this training MANY times - wrote the curriculum, so I can wing it.
  • As soon as training is over - I am OUTTA here
  • Drumming with the peeps, with little kiddos later
  • I can do this...


  1. I see so much in the tree image. I want to climb the tree ... pick some of the bad fruit off so good fruit can grow.

    1. Bless your beautiful soul... There will be more tree imagery to come... feel free to cavort in the branches and do those things...