Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Its a very joined day. Each having unique identity and experiences, but somehow having an all access pass to some shared space, shared energies. My "side of the shell" is not the same as the other... but, it is one shell. When that much "stuff" is washing around inside the shell... it affects the shell entire. See how they look at each other?  Brings a whole new dimension to being a "rider along-sider."

When Roseann asked me last night how I was dealing emotionally with my diagnosis... I guess I haven't been doing much work on that front now... have I? I have opened myself up to those considerations today and boyoboy!  Although I have been affected by symptoms and working on the details of getting a second and all of that... in a way that has been a distraction.  It hit me between the eyes... when I was put on steroids for this damned exacerbation and then we started talking actual MS meds.  I guess my most present emotions today are unreality, anxiety and worry... with a fear and anger chaser... make it a double! The rational person would be correct to point out that those things will add to my stress, and make this exacerbation more troublesome. There's a storm of energies swirling around inside the shell.  

Whatever the sound of rage is... insert that here!

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