Friday, January 28, 2011

A Fond Farewell

It is with great sadness that I watch the mighty ship OBG sail off into the sunset.  I intend to post what I would have posted @ OBG each month to this space.  What I've learned is that you are lifted up by the company you keep when you are all making a joyful racket together.  I don't use the word racket in a pejorative sense... oh no... I believe it is the rabel rousers, the squeaky wheels, the racket makers that pave the way for change.  I believe it is that cohort of folks that hold up the mirror and make us look at who we are as a society.  It is up to each individual to look into that mirror honestly and move forward and BE the people that are the peacemakers, and agents of change.  So here's to my Sisters and Brothers on the writing team @ OBG, here's to the Editors who kept it rolling and herded the cats, and here's to the readers... who gave us purpose!

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